More Power to You...Literally

Do you sometimes feel like things in your life are out of your own control, especially with your finances? Bills pile up, the kids need new clothes, the hot water heater breaks – again. The list goes on and on. We've all been there. But, with a personal line of credit from LendDirect, you are in control. Yep, you read that right. We put you completely in charge of how you use and manage your personal loan. Many other financial institutions don't give you a say in your loan, and we say that's just wrong. Rigid payoff schedules, one time loan payout, or high cash advance fees are just a few of the things you will avoid with a personal line of credit from LendDirect.

Enjoy the benefit of an unlimited cash advance option, up to your approved credit limit, without any cash advance fees attached – score! We also allow you to determine how much you'd like to pay on your loan, as low as the minimum balance. Remember, the more you pay toward your principal balance, the more available credit you'll have. As an added bonus, we never charge you a penalty fee for making payments early or paying off your balance. Quit getting charged extra fees and take charge of your personal finances with a personal line of credit today, because LendDirect is there for you.

LendDirect and Your Community

Ah yes, the Flower City. What a beautiful and diverse community we have. As demographically one of the youngest city populaces in the GTA, we have expanded exponentially since the 1950s, jumping from 10,000 to almost 600,000! In keeping ahead of the times, the city has integrated many of the up-and-coming head offices, factories, and warehouses with the beautiful landscape found in Brampton.

At LendDirect, we also like to stay ahead of the curve. We found a kinship with Brampton in our forward-thinking mindset and young, ambitious goals set by both parties. After all, we did only just start in 2016! A great part about being young is that we are able to forge a new path without any predetermined expectations holding us back! We applaud you, Brampton. And as long as we're keeping things young and exciting, have we mentioned how exciting your Canada personal loan is?! Okay, okay - we'll stop.

Start Your Application Today

Don't have a lot of time to wait at a branch, but you'd still like to see one of our Financial Service Representatives? You’re in luck. Start your application for a line of credit online by filling out your personal information, then pop into a branch to finish the application. This will speed up the application process, leaving plenty of time for chatting and a cup of coffee with your newfound friend, I mean, Financial Service Representative.