Flexibility is not an Option

When we say we're flexible, we sure aren't kidding. It is a requirement that each of our Financial Service Representatives be able to do the splits. Ha – gotcha! We're just messing around. But we aren't messing around about the fact that our personal lines of credit are extremely flexible. If approved for a personal line of credit from LendDirect, enjoy access to unlimited cash advances, up to your approved credit limit, without any fees attached. You also get a convenient repayment plan that provides you the flexibility to pay on the loan over time. Another added bonus to your line of credit? Much like a credit card, the more you pay off the loan, the more credit is available for you to access. So you don’t have to be a gymnast to gain flexibility – all you need is a line of credit with LendDirect!

LendDirect and Your Community

Just as Mississauga keeps "Leading Today for Tomorrow," we believe our personal loans do the same thing. We provide a flexible lending option that is innovative compared to other personal loans available in Canada. We believe this helps people like you create and have a better future. With one of the fastest growing populations in Canada, sometimes it's hard to keep up here! But we love the challenge and the opportunity to serve such an ever-changing community.

We love that everyone embraces change and loves to embark on new challenges. After all, you probably wouldn't be the home to over 60 Fortune 500 companies if you weren’t doing something right! Not to mention that Mississauga is home to Canada's busiest airport, the Toronto Pearson International Airport. Take a break from the hustle and bustle and start planning for your own future by coming in and talking with one of our skilled Financial Service Representatives about how we can help you apply for a new kind of Canada personal loan.

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