Maria’s Line of Credit Experience

As a bus driver, transportation is an important aspect of Maria’s life that she has become very familiar with. While the bus that she drives 5 days a week provides essential transportation for daily commuters, Maria had trouble with her own daily commute.

Meet Maria:

  • 54 years old

  • Mother of three teenage boys

  • Lives in Scarborough, Ontario

  • Bus Driver


Monthly Statement

Approval Amount
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Advance Amount


Annual Interest Rate


Estimated Payment
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She knew she needed to act fast, the insurance company was eagerly awaiting a response from Maria regarding her deductible and the repairs needed for her car. LendDirect’s quick lending decision assured Maria’s confidence in how quickly she could receive her money.

After signing her loan documents, Maria selected to receive her funds via Interac e-Transfer®. Since Maria applied for her line of credit online from the comfort of her own home, she had everything she needed to receive a fast lending decision.

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Maria is on the road again!

The funds needed for her deductible were now available. Maria paid the insurance company and her car went straight to the shop. She is making it to work every day, her boys are getting to hockey practice on time, and the family is enjoying their practically new vehicle thanks to Maria’s decision to take out a line of credit loan with LendDirect. From the time Maria started her online search for a personal line of credit to the time she wrote the insurance company a check - there was a time lapse of about two hours. Two hours to go from being overwhelmed with debt from an unlucky situation to feeling relieved and confident that she had made the right choice after dealing with what life had thrown at her.

The above information is based solely off of an illustrative example and is not based on a real person or a real scenario.

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