Natalie’s Line of Credit Experience

Natalie is the homeowner of a beautiful town house with a kitchen that has some not-so-beautiful countertops. Natalie ignored the discolored, lime green surface for quite some time. But after years of wear and tear the countertops almost became unusable. Natalie began to despise her quirky countertops and knew that something had to be done.

Meet Natalie:

  • 36 years old

  • Lives in Vancouver, British Columbia

  • Has extremely ugly countertops


Bi-Monthly Statement

Approval Amount
(Credit Limit)


Advance Amount


Annual Interest Rate


Estimated Payment
(with Loan Protection)


Natalie’s Countertops Were in Sight

Natalie was ecstatic. She could picture herself cooking dinner for her friends in her kitchen, telling them all about her new countertops. But she was smart. Before committing to her personal line of credit she did her research. She spoke with a LendDirect Financial Service Representative who talked her through her statement, how she could make payments online or over the phone and how she could take out as many cash advances as she needed up to her credit limit of $11,000.

After signing her loan documents, there was a deposit of $7,000 in Natalie’s checquing account. She could now use the funds to choose a contractor to finally have her beautiful granite countertops installed. Although Natalie had the option to withdraw as many cash advances as she found necessary, she never needed to. Natalie paid back her loan early to avoid paying extra interest and ended up enjoying her granite countertops for many years.

The above information is based solely off of an illustrative example and is not based on a real person or a real scenario.

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