Holly’s Line of Credit Experience

It was graduation day! Holly had just completed her bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. It was the proudest she had ever been of herself. The ceremony had concluded and the party had started, but in the back of her mind she knew that the real world was waiting.

Meet Holly:

  • 23 years old

  • Lives in Brampton, Ontario

  • Proud and independent

  • College graduate


Bi-Monthly Statement

Approval Amount
(Credit Limit)


Advance Amount


Annual Interest Rate


Estimated Payment
(with Loan Protection)


A Sigh of Relief

Holly couldn’t help but think about how close she was to taking out a payday loan. The interest rate provided by LendDirect has proven to be much more manageable for Holly. With the freedom of unlimited cash advance options up to her approval amount she felt comfortable withdrawing what she needed, when she needed it.

Holly made regular payments throughout the summer, and also took out several cash advances while only paying interest on the amount that she chose to withdraw. She started her new job as planned in August and never looked back.

The above information is based solely off of an illustrative example and is not based on a real person or a real scenario.

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