Emma’s Line of Credit Experience

Emma is the proud mother of two dogs she loves dearly. She looks forward to her weekends when they can spend extra time at the dog park and snuggle up on the couch. Emma would be devastated if anything ever happened to them.

Meet Emma:

  • 29 years old

  • Animal lover (obviously)

  • Lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


Monthly Statement

Approval Amount
(Credit Limit)


Advance Amount


Annual Interest Rate


Estimated Payment
(with Loan Protection)


A Sigh of Relief

In less than 30 minutes after getting approved, $2,000 was deposited to Emma’s chequing account using Interac e-Transfer®. Harley was scheduled and headed in for surgery the very next week.

The timetable that was given to Harley was short, Emma knew she had to act fast in order to repair his leg. The fast, convenient funding method was exactly what she needed. Thanks to the funds Emma received, Harley is now back to his usual self, and Layla has her old pal back ☺

The above information is based solely off of an illustrative example and is not based on a real person or a real scenario.

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