Mike and Shelley’s Line of Credit Experience

Experienced restaurant proprietor, Mike, and his wife, Shelley, own a local seafood restaurant in Vancouver, British Columbia. Specializing in fish and chips, Mike and Shelley’s restaurant has become a very popular spot for locals over the past few years. With their growing business, they both knew that it was time to expand.

Meet Shelley:

  • 49 years old

  • Lives in Vancouver, British Columbia

  • The brains of the operation

Meet Mike:

  • 52 years old

  • Lives in Vancouver, British Columbia

  • Head Chef – aka the heart of the operation

Mike and Shelley have been married for 21 years!


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Fish and Chips for Everyone!

With all of the new business coming in, Mike and Shelley were able to pay back their personal line of credit in only two months. Mike was back in the kitchen cooking up some of Vancouver’s finest fried fish and chips and Shelley was busy as usual handling the restaurant finances. Although the restaurant was doing just fine before the renovation, there is always room for improvement. LendDirect is always there to ensure our Customers receive the best Customer care with a prompt and convenient funding method.

The above information is based solely off of an illustrative example and is not based on a real person or a real scenario.

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