Line of Credit in Saskatchewan up to $15,000

LendDirect is there for you when banks aren’t an option.

Get a pre-approval decision with no commitment!

Get Funds Faster

With Interac e-Transfer®, receive your money in as little as 2 hours - on your original amount & cash advances.

Protect Your Finances

Optional Loan Protection makes sure your payments are still made in the event of the unexpected.

No Cash Advance Fees

Withdraw as many cash advances as you need - with no fees. Just pay interest on the amount you choose to withdraw.

How does a line of credit from LendDirect work, anyway?

We’re glad you asked! The flexibility that a LendDirect personal line of credit provides gives you the freedom to take control of your finances, and who doesn’t like to be in control?

1. Apply Online

We aim to make our online application process as simple as possible. As long as you have the required information handy, you can typically complete the application in a matter of minutes. You will need a valid ID, income and banking information.

2. Get a Credit Limit

If your application for a line of credit is approved, we will provide you with a credit limit. Similar to a credit card, you can use as much or as little of your credit as you need.

3. Make Payments

Payments are generally due around your pay days. We do recommend that you make an extra payment here and there if you can (this will save you money on interest paid).

4. Get More Money

As often as you like, quickly withdraw money from your credit limit. It’s your credit limit so as long as you have available credit, feel free to withdraw as you need it. As you make payments, you can access more!

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A Personal Line of Credit for Personal Use

Debt Consolidation

Do you have old debts piling up? Make your debt easier to manage by consolidating it with a line of credit.

Home Repairs

Whether you need to replace an old window, want to splurge for that granite countertop, or you’re finally remodeling the kitchen, a personal line of credit allows you to make a big purchase and pay it back over time.

Large Expenses

Whether you need new tires on your car, or you’re looking to pop the big question, a line of credit could help you out with a number of large purchases. The large purchase is up to you, the money is up to us.

Our Online Loan Application Process

1 Create Your Account

Creating an account is the first step in the online loan application process. We know, we know… you’re not ready to commit to anything. That’s ok! We just met, anyway! This will simply allow you to come back and pick up right where you left off.

2 Provide Personal Information

Let’s get personal… The next step allows us to get to know each other better. Tell us your name, address, and phone number. This helps us verify your identity (and to make sure you’re not a robot ).

3 Enter Income Information

As our slogan says, LendDirect is there for you. We’re there to provide you money, and there to make sure that you get a loan that you can afford. We’ve got your back.

4 Sign Loan Documents

If you’re pre-approved, review your loan documents, and sign them to move forward with the application process. Did we mention you’re still not committed at this point?

5 Verify Your Income

Now things are getting serious… Now we’d like to take a peek at some documents to verify your income. We’re not being nosey, we just want to make sure that we determine a loan amount that is right for you.

6 That’s It!

We will provide you with final lending decision – typically within a few business hours, but as fast as 30 minutes. If you’re approved, we’ll let you know what your line of credit limit is (you can borrow as much or as little as you need, up to your credit limit). Then get your money in as little as 2 hours with Interac e-Transfer®!

Take Control of Your Finances

Apply for a Personal Line of Credit up to $15,000

What do I need to start my online application?

From Northern Saskatchewan, down to Prince Albert, residents all over Saskatchewan can apply for a line of credit online. Here’s a list of what you need to get started. Remember, starting your application doesn’t commit you to anything - the choice is yours.

  • Contact information
  • Valid ID showing you’re an Saskatchewan resident 18 years of age or older
  • An open chequing account in your name
  • Proof of recurring income

We Have Your Back

Our Customer Support line is available to you 7 days a week. Questions? Just call and ask!

Security is Priority

Our online application is encrypted for security. Feel safe knowing your information is safe.

Quick Response

We all get anxious waiting, and we don’t want you to feel anxious! Get a pre-approval decision instantly.

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